Build Your First Windows 8 App with Microsoft Visual C# and Visual Basic

  • 2/15/2013

Quick reference


Do This

Arrange controls inside a flexible grid area

Use the Grid control.

Arrange child elements into a single line that can be oriented horizontally or vertically

Use the StackPanel control.

Deploy a Windows Store application

Use the deployment feature of Visual Studio 2012.

Deploy and test the application

In Visual Studio, press F5.

Implement the Search Contract

Use the SDK template called Search Contract that adds the search result page, the manifest declaration, and some sample code to the solution.

Define application features

Use the Visual Studio IDE Designer and open the Package. appxmanifest file.

Close an application

Stop the debugger, in case you are debugging it; or press Alt+F4; use the closing gesture; or use the new Task Manager to terminate the process.