Viewing Pictures and Video in Windows 8.1

  • 11/15/2013

Moving pictures to new folders

If you’ve expanded the folder system to include subfolders as outlined in the previous task, you can move your pictures into them to organize them. At the present time, you can’t drag photos into these folders, so here you’ll learn how to cut and paste to move them. However, be careful when cutting pictures; when you cut a picture it is stored temporarily on a virtual “clipboard” and it’ll stay there until you opt to paste it elsewhere, which you should do immediately and before you cut or copy something else.

Move pictures

  1. Using any technique outlined in this section, locate the picture to move.

  2. Right-click the picture to move.

  3. Right-click any other pictures to move to the same folder.

  4. Click Cut. (Note the other options, including Copy and Delete.)

  5. Using the navigation options outlined in this section, locate the folder to move the pictures to and click it to open it.

  6. Right-click the screen.

  7. Click Paste.

  8. Note the pictures have been moved.

  9. Note the path to the pictures.

  10. Click the Back arrow to return to the previous screen.