Viewing Pictures and Video in Windows 8.1

  • 11/15/2013

Using the camera

If your computing device has a built-in camera, you can use that camera to take both photos and videos. Some devices also have a front-facing and a rear-facing camera. The options you see when you open the Camera app will depend on what kind of camera and device you are using.

Use the camera

  1. From the Start screen, click the Camera tile.

  2. Note the options. Click the digital camera icon to take a picture.

  3. Click the video camera icon to start recording video.

  4. Click the Stop button to stop recording.

  5. Right-click the screen.

  6. Note the options, including the following:

    1. Camera Roll—to view the images and video you’ve taken.

    2. Timer—to set up a timer.

    3. Exposure—to configure exposure settings.

  7. Click Exposure.

  8. Use the slider to make changes.

  9. Use Windows key+I to open the Settings charm, and click Options.

  10. Configure settings as desired.

  11. Use the Windows key to return to the Start screen, and click Photos.

  12. Click any applicable back arrows in the top-left corner of the Photos app to get to the Home page (not shown).

  13. Click Camera Roll to view the pictures and videos you’ve taken here.