Using Lync as Your Phone

  • 5/15/2013

Setting your primary audio device

With Lync 2013, you can use a number of different telephony endpoints when making or receiving calls or, indeed, when participating in conference calls. The wide range of devices offers convenience and flexibility such that when you are working from home or a coffee shop, you might choose to use a headset; while working from the office, you might prefer to use a desk phone. Additionally, you have the option to use a speaker phone when attending a conference call.

With the range of endpoints available, Lync has made it easy for you to switch between devices—even during a call—so that when you receive or make a call, you can choose to use the device that’s most appropriate for your environment. In addition, you can also set the audio levels of the device you choose to use, including the speaker, microphone, and ringer levels.

Set your primary audio device

  1. In the Lync client window, click the Settings icon (the small gear graphic).

  2. In the Options dialog box, click the Audio Device tab.

  3. In the Select The Device You Want To Use For Audio Calls list box, click a device.

  4. Adjust the speaker, microphone, and ringer levels to suit your preference and click OK.

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