Keeping Windows 8.1 Safe and Secure

  • 11/15/2013

Reasons to consider commercial security solutions

Windows Defender together with Windows Firewall and Internet Explorer can provide a good level of security. If you are not willing or able to invest in security software, they are the best free security tools available for Windows 8.1, and you won’t need to install other free products.

However, if you want the maximum level of security possible and premium features such as anti-spam, ad blockers for your Internet browser, remote location of your computers and devices if they are stolen, the possibility to command a remote wipe of your data (if your computers and devices are stolen), and more advanced malware detection algorithms and other features, it is best to consider purchasing and installing security products provided by specialized vendors. The best way to be fully protected is to use a complete security package, generally called an Internet Security Suite. These packages include antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection plus other security modules such as the ones previously mentioned.

Before making a choice, it is best to understand which options are available. To make an informed decision, it is recommend that you check the following Internet sources.

  • Antimalware apps for Windows ( The Compatibility Center also lists the security software providers that offer solutions compatible with Windows. Search for the security product you are interested in, and you can easily view whether it is compatible with Windows 8.1.

  • Security for Everyone at 7 Tutorials ( The 7 Tutorials website provides a series of reviews for Internet security suites. The team from the website regularly tests the latest offerings from both a security and a usability perspective. The aim of the team is to highlight solutions that provide the best mix of effective security and user friendliness.

  • AV Comparatives ( This is the website of an independent security organization that regularly tests the quality of security provided by antivirus products. Its tests are very professional and evaluate all the important security aspects for an antivirus solution. If you want to know which security company has the best detection engine for viruses, this website is the place to visit.

  • AV Test ( This website is run by the AV-Test GmbH company, which offers security testing and consulting services. It runs regular reviews of the latest security products on the market and publishes the results of its evaluations. Just like AV Comparatives, this website is a great destination for learning how effective the latest security offerings are.