Software Change Management Industrial Case Study: Utility Moving to the Clouds

  • 12/22/2011

Web resources

Applicable web resources that amplify points made in this chapter can be found here:

  • Amazon has many books and articles on the subject of cloud computing. Go to to find relevant publications.

  • Amazon also provides infrastructure web services via a cloud platform for commercial companies of all sizes via a fee-for-service arrangement for application hosting, backup and storage, e-commerce, media hosting, search engines, web hosting, and other services.

  • YouTube has a number of videos on cloud computing, like the following one that introduces you to the technology:

  • Many technology firms in the cloud-computing business provide resources to help those investigating this technology. For example, Hewlett-Packard offers a planning guide at its cloud-computing digital hub at

  • The Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) manages cloud computing resources and develops reference implementations, benchmarks, and standards for its members that support scientific research. Information about the consortium is available at

  • IBM and the European Union have announced the formation of a consortium to research new computing models. See

  • The Cloud Computing Journal offers lots of articles on the use of the technology at

  • Another useful publication called the Cloudbook, located at the following site, provides relevant articles:

  • Lots of technology firms, training companies, and universities offer training in cloud-computing areas.

  • Major conferences and expositions on cloud computing such as the following are held in large cities worldwide:

  • A current list of cloud-computing discussion groups, list servers, and blogs can be found at

  • A nonprofit group of major technology firms has been formed to address cloud-computing security issues. It is called the Cloud Security Alliance, and it has many resources at the following site: