JavaScript Is More Than You Might Think

  • 6/15/2013

And then came Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 represents a paradigm shift for JavaScript programmers. In Windows 8, Microsoft has elevated JavaScript to the same level as other client-side languages, such as Visual Basic and C#, for developing Windows 8 applications. Before Windows 8, if you wanted to create an application that ran on the desktop, you’d need to use Visual Basic, C#, or a similar language. With Windows 8, you need only use HTML and JavaScript to create a full-fledged Windows 8–style app.

Windows 8 exposes an Application Programming Interface (API), providing a set of functions that enable the JavaScript programmer to natively access behind-the-scenes areas of the operating system. This means that programming for Windows 8 is slightly different from programming JavaScript for a web browser.

Of course, your web applications will still work in Internet Explorer, which comes with Windows 8. These web applications are distinct and separate from the Windows 8 native applications.

This book will show how to develop for Windows 8 using JavaScript. Before you get there, you’ll see how to create JavaScript programs that run in web browsers.