SharePoint 2010 Real-World Projects: Building a Basic FAQ Solution

  • 3/15/2012

Additional Customizations

This chapter covers several customizations, but there are still many features that can be added to this solution. The following information is provided so that you can consider some of the additional customizations you might want to incorporate into your solution.

Additional Customization


Filtered views

One way to help users quickly find content is to provide filtered views of the FAQs. You could create views based on the assigned categories and then provide links to those views on the home page of the site.

Specific FAQ sites

This solution creates a single repository of FAQs, but this might not meet your needs if you have a large list of categories or subcategories. An alternative solution or customization would be to create this solution as is and then save it as a template. Then, for each area or application that you need to generate FAQs for, you could create a site based on this template. This would give you a collection of FAQ sites for users to search through.