Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services Overview

  • 9/15/2012

Evolution of SSIS

Microsoft introduced Integration Services in Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Data Transformation Services (DTS) in SQL Server 2000 can be considered a predecessor to SSIS; however, SSIS is completely different than DTS in terms of concepts, user interface, feature set, and internal architecture. The transition from a lightweight ETL tool such as DTS to a data integration platform such as SSIS was well received by SQL Server customers. Nearly instant familiarity with the design environment appealed to SSIS developers, and the scalability and performance characteristics of SSIS catered to enterprise needs. The use of SSIS in large-scale data integration projects has been growing steadily ever since its introduction. Figure 1-5 provides some details on the enhancements and features in various versions of SSIS.

Figure 1-5

Figure 1-5 Evolution of SSIS.