Microsoft® Excel® 2013: Using Power View

  • 3/15/2013

Understanding multipliers

In the previous section, you learned how to use tiles to create reports that are automatically filtered. Another common scenario is that you do not want the report to be filtered by year, but you want to repeat it many times, once for each year.

For example, you can create a pie chart that shows sales by country. If you want to take a quick look at the values for different years, you can use the VERTICAL MULTIPLIER section of the field list. Putting the year in that section will make Power View repeat the chart for different years.

The result is a larger chart (you will probably use full window for a multiplied chart) that gives quick insights into the full set of data, as shown in Figure 10-36.

Figure 10-36

Figure 10-36. The multiplier section lets you repeat the same chart many times.

You cannot mix tiles and multipliers. Tiles are meant for filtering, whereas multipliers are meant for repeating the same chart. Using both of them in a single chart would probably make it too complex to use.

You are not limited to using multipliers only in simple charts. For example, you can repeat a map chart so that it shows on a single page many different locations, with full detailed information about where items have been sold, as shown in Figure 10-37.

Figure 10-37

Figure 10-37. You can multiply any chart; this example shows different maps.