Assigning and Managing Resources in Microsoft® Project 2013

  • 5/15/2013

Modifying resources

You might need to modify resource details, including the resource’s availability, the resource’s standard rate, email details, and so on. You can modify resource details by editing the field directly in the Resource Sheet (if the field you want to edit is not available, you will need to insert it), or you can open the Resource Information dialog box to access the fields.

The values that can be modified depend on the type of resource (work, material, or cost). For example, an email address is not applicable for a material resource.

Modify a resource using the Resource Information dialog box

  1. Select the Resource Sheet by clicking the Resource Sheet shortcut in the status bar.

  2. Click the Resource tab.
  3. Select the desired resource by clicking the resource ID in the row header.
  4. Click the Information button to open the Resource Information dialog box.

  5. Change the desired values and click OK.