Assigning and Managing Resources in Microsoft® Project 2013

  • 5/15/2013

Creating resources using the Resource Sheet

The Resource Sheet is a view within Project that allows the user to view, create, and edit resources and resource information. You can access the Resource Sheet view from the View tab or from the Status Bar (it’s the fourth icon in the View Shortcuts area).

Ideally, you should create resources on the Resource Sheet before assigning them to tasks. This method is more formal than the ad hoc method of creating resources by typing their names directly into the Resource Names column on the Gantt Chart view, and it allows for additional entry of resource information, such as resource calendars, resource rates, email addresses, and so on. Adding resources through the Resource Sheet implies a higher level of project management formality and competence.

Three types of resources are available in Project:

  • Work resources that are resources or pieces of equipment that perform work to accomplish a task
  • Material resources that are project consumables, such as paint
  • Cost resources, such as travel expenses

Work resources will require at least a resource name, and, optionally, additional information may be entered, such as resource initials, standard rates, department, accounting code, and so on. The default resource type is Work. A work resource is generally thought of as a person (sometimes known as a named resource) or role, but the term can equally apply to equipment that your organization hires or owns. For example, a work resource could be a cement mixer.

Material resources require a resource name and, optionally, a material label such as “each,” cost per unit, cost per use value, and accounting code. For example, coffee can be a material resource. Because it is priced per pound, coffee would have a label of “pound” and the cost would be $10.00. To create a material resource, set the type for the resource to “Material.”

Cost resources require only a name and the resource type set to “Cost.” For example, a cost resource could be airfare.

Create a resource using the Resource Sheet

  1. Select the Resource Sheet by clicking the Resource Sheet shortcut in the status bar.

  2. Click the Resource tab.
  3. Click the Add Resources button.
  4. Select Work, Material, or Cost Resource from the menu.

  5. Overtype the <Resource Name> text with the resource name and complete the other details as necessary.