Assigning and Managing Resources in Microsoft® Project 2013

  • 5/15/2013

Assigning material resources to a task

When a material resource is assigned to the task, the assignment defines the quantity of the material used and consequently the cost of that material, too. Material resources can’t be created on the fly in the same way that work resources can. Material resources always need to be created in the Resource Sheet before they can be assigned to a task. When material resources are assigned, the amount of material required is entered in the Units field. For this example we will use the material resource “coffee,” which was previously added to the Resource Sheet; as a reminder, the label for coffee is pound and the price is $10 per pound.

Assign a material resource to a task

  1. In the Resource tab, select the Gantt Chart view from the drop-down menu on the Team Planner button.
  2. Click the Assign Resources button to display the Assign Resources dialog box.
  3. Click the task that you want to make the assignment on.
  4. Verify that the selected task name is displayed within the Assign Resource dialog box.
  5. Type in the quantity of the required resource in the Units field.
  6. Click the Assign button.