Configuring Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010: Service Applications and the Managed Metadata Service

  • 9/21/2011

Case Scenario: Configure Service Applications and the Managed Metadata Service

In the following case scenario, you will apply what you’ve learned about subjects of this chapter. You can find answers to these questions in the Appendix A section at the end of this book.

You have a Managed Metadata Service application called Managed Metadata Service—Enterprise. It provides terms to all web applications in the farm. It also publishes content types stored in the site collection. Contoso is opening a new office in a remote location to support a joint venture with Litware, Inc. The remote office will have a new SharePoint farm. Users from both Contoso, Ltd., and Litware, Inc., will access web applications in the farm.

  1. A set of terms will be created to support taxonomy of the joint venture. Terms should be available in the new farm as well as in the SharePoint farms of Contoso and Litware. The security team has directed that the Contoso and Litware farms should not trust each other directly. In which farm should the terms for the joint venture be created? How will all three farms consume terms from the joint venture term set?

  2. Three users must be able to manage terms in the joint venture term set. How do you delegate them permission to do so?

  3. Contoso and Litware each want to provide definitions of content types to be used in the joint venture farm. How can this be configured?