Exploring Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007

  • 1/3/2007

Key Points

  • Because the new PowerPoint interface makes commands easily accessible, you can quickly create sophisticated presentations.

  • You can move around a presentation in several ways: by clicking slide thumbnails on the Slides tab of the Overview pane; by clicking the Next Slide or Previous Slide button; by scrolling the Slide pane; or by pressing the Page Up or Page Down key.

  • PowerPoint has three primary views to help you create, organize, and display presentations: Normal, Slide Sorter, and Slide Show. You can switch views by clicking the buttons on the View toolbar or by clicking buttons in the Presentation Views group on the View tab.

  • In Normal view, you can change the magnification of your slides and the size of the panes to suit the way you work.

  • You can save a presentation in an existing folder or in a new folder that you can create from within PowerPoint. You cannot store two presentations with the same name in the same folder.