Managing Appointments, Events, and Meetings in Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007

  • 1/3/2007

Key Points

  • You can create and manage appointments and all-day events in your calendar.

  • You can use Outlook to set up meetings, invite participants, and track their responses. Outlook can help you choose a meeting time based on participants’ schedules.

  • Other people in your organization can see your free, busy, and out-of-office time that you indicate in your calendar. You can personalize the display of your available working hours, and mark appointments as private to hide the details from other people.

  • If your organization has a SharePoint collaboration site, you can create a meeting workspace to accompany a meeting request. Meeting workspaces provide a central location for sharing information and files among meeting attendees.

  • If your organization is running Exchange Server 2007, you can use the Smart Scheduling feature to quickly identify meeting times of a specific duration during which your planned attendees are available.