Developing Mobile Apps for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

  • 8/11/2014

The mobile app landscape and AX 2012

With AX 2012 R3 and its associated investments in mobile solutions, the Microsoft Dynamics AX team expects that the Microsoft Dynamics AX ecosystem will see an increasing investment in mobile apps. There is an early-mover advantage for developers who identify and take advantage of these opportunities, and AX 2012 customers who equip their people with powerful mobile apps will have an advantage in their respective markets. The mobile architecture discussed throughout this chapter has been proven by mobile apps that are already available in the marketplace and by customers who are deploying those apps.

Creating mobile apps requires a different set of skills than developing for AX 2012, and customers and partners might find it advantageous to pair an AX 2012 developer with a mobile app developer. This way, necessary AX 2012 services can be created by experienced AX 2012 developers. Except for needing to understand the content of the services, typical mobile app developers can develop AX 2012 mobile apps without having to understand the intricate details of AX 2012. Thus, partners and customers can take advantage of the vast pool of mobile app developers.

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