Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation: WDF Fundamentals

  • 4/25/2007

WDF Verification, Tracing, and Debugging Support

WDF includes several testing and tracing features to help you to find problems early in the development cycle, including the following:

  • Built-in verification with the frameworks verifier

  • Built-in trace logging

  • Debugger extensions

WDF includes verifiers for both frameworks to support framework-specific features that are not currently available in Driver Verifier (Verifier.exe). The WDF verifiers issue extensive tracing messages that supply detailed information about activities within the framework itself. They also track references to each WDF object and build a trace log that can be viewed by using WinDbg.

Chapter 11 explores tracing.

WDF supports two sets of debugger extensions for the WinDbg debugger: one for debugging UMDF drivers and one for debugging KMDF drivers. The extensions supplement the basic capabilities of WinDbg by providing detailed information on WDF-specific issues.

Chapter 22 discusses debugging.