Working with Special Content in Word

  • 6/24/2010

Printing a Mailing Label

Printing mailing labels is much easier than it used to be. Today you can purchase labels at almost any office supply store and find that you can easily print what you need—one label or sheets of labels—in Word 2010. You choose your label type, enter the address, and select how you want the label to be printed, and Word does the rest. Nice.

Print the Label

  1. Make a note of the manufacturer and the design number of the labels you’ll be using. If you’re planning to print only one label, figure out which label on the sheet of labels is the one you’re going to use. Later in the process, you’ll need to specify the label by row (the horizontal line of labels) and by column (the vertical line of labels). Insert the sheet of labels into your printer (usually into the manual feed tray, if there is one).

  2. On the Mailings tab, click the Labels button to display the Envelopes And Labels dialog box.

  3. On the Labels tab of the Envelopes And Labels dialog box, use the proposed address, type a new one, or click the Insert Address button to insert an address from your Outlook Contacts list. To insert your return address, select the Use Return Address check box.

  4. If the type of label shown isn’t the one you’re using, click Options to display the Label Options dialog box, specify the label you’re using, and click OK.

  5. If you’re using a full sheet of labels, click the appropriate option to print a whole page of identical labels or only one label on the sheet of labels. If you want to print only one label, specify the label by row and column.

  6. Click Print to print the label or labels.