Setting Up Resources in Microsoft Project 2010

  • 6/2/2010

Documenting Resources

You might recall from Chapter 2 that you can record any additional information about a task, resource, or assignment in a note. For example, if a resource has flexible skills that can help the project, it is a good idea to record this in a note. In that way, the note resides in the project plan and can be easily viewed or printed.

In this exercise, you enter resource notes relevant to the new book launch project. In Chapter 2, you entered a task note via the Notes button on the Task tab of the Properties group. You can enter resource notes in a similar way (via the Notes button on the Resource tab of the Properties group) but in this exercise, you’ll use a different method. You’ll use the Resource form, which allows you to view and edit notes for multiple resources more quickly.

In this exercise, you’ll enter notes in the Resource Form.

  1. In the Resource Name column, click Toby Nixon.

  2. On the Resource tab, in the Properties group, click the Details button.


    The Resource Form appears below the Resource Sheet view.


    In this type of split view, details about the selected item in the upper view (a resource, in this case) appear in the lower view. You can quickly change the selected resource name in the upper view by clicking directly on a name, using the up arrow or down arrow keys, or by clicking Previous or Next in the Resource Form.

    The Resource Form can display one of several details; initially it displays the Schedule details. Next you’ll switch it to display the Notes details.

  3. Click anywhere in the Resource Form.

  4. On the Format tab, in the Details group, click Notes.


    The Notes details appear in the Resource Form.

  5. In the Notes box, type Toby worked on launch campaigns for Toni Poe’s previous two books.


    Notice that as soon as you started typing the note, the Previous and Next buttons changed to OK and Cancel.

  6. Click OK.

    In the Resource Sheet view, a note icon appears in the Indicators column.

  7. Point to the note icon that appears next to Toby’s name in the Resource Sheet.


    The note appears in a ScreenTip. For notes that are too long to appear in a ScreenTip, you can double-click the note icon to display the full text of the note. You can also see more of long notes in the Resource Form or in the Resource Information dialog box.

    To conclude this exercise, you’ll add a note for one more resource.

  8. In the Resource Form, click Previous to shift the focus to Sharon Salavaria and display her details.

  9. In the Notes box, type Sharon’s standard pay rate is adjusted for her half-time work schedule. Then click OK.


    Finally, you’ll close the Resource Form.

  10. On the Resource tab, in the Properties group, click the Details button.

    The Resource Form is closed, leaving the Resource Sheet displayed.

    In this exercise, you’ve entered notes for some resources. This information is unique to those resources.