Customizing and Securing Microsoft Word 2010

  • 8/15/2010

Working with the Trust Center

You use the Trust Center to set up your preferences for the way your files are opened, shared, and protected. You can create lists of trusted publishers, documents, and locations that don’t have to be authenticated each time you receive a document from them.

You’ll find the Trust Center by clicking the File tab and clicking Options. At the bottom of the category list, click Trust Center and then click Trust Center Settings. The Active X tab opens by default so that you can review those settings. The following table explains each of the categories in the Trust Center and explains how you can use those options to safeguard your files.


Word 2010 Trust Center



Trusted Publishers

Enables you to create a list of publishers you trust so that any content you receive from the publisher is opened freely without restriction.

Trusted Locations

Gives you the ability to create a list of trustworthy locations—for example, share folders and SharePoint Workspaces.

Trusted Documents

Creates a list of documents you have specified as trusted. After a document is marked as trusted, macros and all content is enabled automatically.


Enables you to specify whether any application add-ins must be signed by a trusted publisher.

Active X Settings

Lets you choose whether ActiveX controls will be allowed to play in regular mode or in safe mode. You also set the level of restriction for the running of the controls.

Macro Settings

Sets whether macros are automatically disabled or enabled.

Protected View

Enables you to choose the situations in which Protected View is used.

Message Bar

Lets you show or hide the Message Bar.

File Block Settings

Gives you the ability to choose whether specific file types are blocked from being open or saved.

Privacy Options

Lets you set privacy options for the current file.