Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Security Basics

  • 6/18/2008

Physical Security

Physical security is a topic not often mentioned in many security books, particularly in books only about Exchange, but it is a topic worth mentioning. Servers can be left on desks running in a corner cubicle or in an unlocked server room. However, it is always best practice to store your servers in a secure location using door locks and, in some instances, motion detectors and/or other physical security measures.

When you limit physical access to a server, you limit who can log on locally to the server, who can use portable storage to introduce a new virus or malicious program on your network, and who can retrieve information directly from the server. Limiting physical access is one of the easiest and most elementary methods of securing your server against internal attacks that exist.

Most administrators reading this book already have these physical security measures in place. Those who haven’t physically secured your servers should do so at their earliest opportunity. Limiting physical access to a server can go a long way toward protecting your information from would-be attackers.