Using RSS Feeds in Microsoft Outlook 2010

  • 8/15/2010

Setting RSS Properties

A core set of configuration controls for RSS feeds is available on the Properties dialog box accessible in the RSS Feeds folder (and all RSS folders created under it). To set these RSS configuration options, right-click the RSS Feeds folder (or the desired subfolder), and then choose Properties. Note that only a few of the tabs are applicable to RSS feeds, and those tabs are the ones described in this section.

The General tab, as shown in Figure 16-13, enables you to set the name of the RSS folder and the description, as well as whether to display the number of all items or just unread items. In addition, you can configure the form used in posting to the RSS folder, and display the folder size (on both the local computer and the server). Clicking Clear Offline Items removes the data from the offline data store.

Figure 16-13

Figure 16-13 The General tab of the RSS Feeds Properties dialog box enables setting RSS folder properties.

To control the archiving of RSS feeds, you select the AutoArchive tab in the RSS Feeds Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 16-14, and then configure the archiving settings to your preference. The default is not to archive the RSS items, but you can configure the Archive This Folder Using These Settings option to set the time limit (the point at which Outlook 2010 cleans out items older than the set period). After you have set the archive time limit, you can configure where archived items are moved.

Figure 16-14

Figure 16-14 Set the archive option, time limit, and archive location for this RSS feed.

The Synchronization tab lets you set the synchronization filter for the RSS feed. Click Filter to display the Filter dialog box, and then select the filter criteria to apply to the offline copy of the RSS items associated with this folder.