Setting Up the Document Structure in HTML5

  • 1/26/2001

Publishing a File to a Server

Throughout most of this book’s exercises, you will save pages to your own hard drive. That way they don’t get into the public’s hands before they are completed. When a page is finalized, however, you will want to transfer it to a publicly accessible Web server (that is, to publish it) so that others can view it.

There are several ways to transfer files to a server. The company or individual in charge of the server should be able to advise you about your options. Here are some of the possibilities that might be available:

  • Uploading through an FTP connection by using Internet Explorer. You do this by entering the address of an FTP server (which will start with ftp://) in the Address bar of Internet Explorer. A dialog box prompts you for your user name and password for that server. If you enter those correctly, a Windows Explorer-like file-management window appears, just as though you were browsing any folder on your hard disk. You can then transfer the files by dragging them into that window, or copying them and pasting them into the FTP window.

  • Uploading through an FTP connection by using FTP software. There are many third-party FTP applications available that make it simple to transfer files. These utilities have some advantages over the Internet Explorer transfer method, such as the ability to restart uploads that are interrupted due to communication errors. Some examples include FileZilla ( and BulletProof FTP (

  • Saving directly to a Web folder. Most Web development tools, such as Microsoft Expression Web, let you to save directly to a Web server by typing the URL of the site into the Save As dialog box. That’s very convenient! Unfortunately, you can’t do that in Notepad,.

This book doesn’t include an exercise for practicing transferring files to a server because the process details differ depending on many factors, including the site you are saving to, the availability of FTP software, and the version of Windows you are using. If you have questions about how to upload your files, ask the network administrator or tech support staff for advice.