Working with Web Pages in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

  • 12/15/2011

Changing the Layout of a Page

The home page of a Team site contains two content areas. You can change the number of content areas that a wiki page contains using the Format Text contextual ribbon and clicking the Text Layout command in the Layout group.

In this exercise, you will change the layout of your page.

  1. Click Site Actions, and then click Edit Page.

  2. On the Format Text tab, click Text Layout in the Layout group, and then click Two columns with header and footer.


    The page redisplays and now contains four content areas.

  3. Select Welcome to the Financial team site, and then, on the Format Text tab, click Cut.

  4. Place the cursor in the top content area, and then, on the Format Text tab, click the down arrow on the Paste command and click Paste plaintext.

  5. On the Format Text tab, click Save & Close in the Edit group.