Using Formulas and Functions in Microsoft Excel 2013

  • 4/15/2013

Analyzing data by using the Quick Analysis lens

One of the refinements in Excel 2013 is the Quick Analysis lens, which brings the most commonly used formatting, charting, and summary tools into one convenient location. You have a wide range of tools available to you, including the ability to create an Excel table or PivotTable, insert a chart, or add conditional formatting. You can also add total columns and rows to your data range. For example, you can click Totals and then Running Total for columns, identified by the icon labeled Running Total and the yellow column at the right edge of the button, to add a column that calculates the running total for each row.

Summarize data by using Quick Analysis

  1. Select the cell range that you want to summarize.

  2. Click the Quick Analysis action button to display the Quick Analysis tools available to you.

  3. Click the label representing the category of tools that you want to use.

  4. Click the button representing the summary that you want to create.