Planning SharePoint Solution Delivery

  • 6/15/2013


This chapter described how you can build a SharePoint delivery program, which entails setting up the delivery team, creating a delivery plan, and managing the stakeholders. The creation of this program is vital, as it details exactly how a solution will be implemented and contains success criteria that are crucial to User Adoption. The complexity of the program relates directly to a combination of elements: reach of the solution across the organization, number of stakeholders involved, importance to the organization as a whole, and the culture of the organization where the solution is going to be delivered.

The next chapter develops the discussion of the delivery program further. The text delves into what is required to prepare User Adoption and looks at methods to engage the SharePoint audience. Other topics covered include building cases for SharePoint solutions with user input in mind, ensuring that there are ongoing, two-way communications between those responsible for supporting SharePoint and business users engaged in using the solutions provided, and building training models to get users comfortable with using the implemented solutions.