Taking Notes to Another Level with Microsoft OneNote 2013

  • 4/15/2013

Constructing simple math equations

Writing and drawing math equations can be difficult because of the special symbols that are required. To make constructing equations a little easier, OneNote 2013 offers two techniques for putting equations in notes. To write simple equations, draw the equation in the Insert Ink Equation window. (To see how to build complex equations, read “Constructing complex math equations” on page 95.)

Construct simple equations in the Insert Ink Equation window

  1. On the ribbon, click the Draw tab.

  2. In the Convert group, click Ink To Math.

  3. In the Insert Ink Equation dialog box, using the mouse, a pen device, or your finger, draw an equation.

  4. Look at the Preview area to see whether OneNote interpreted your drawing correctly. If not, you can make corrections.

  5. Click Insert.