Analyzing Your Excel 2013 Data

  • 2/15/2013

Entering formulas

A formula can be as simple as =2+2 or as complicated as you can imagine. Excel 2013 gives you all the tools you need, no matter how involved your calculation needs might be. You can type a formula directly in the Formula Bar at the top of the Excel worksheet area or you can type it in the selected cell. Along the way, you can also type or select the function you need and type or drag to select the cells you want to include. See how flexible Excel is when it comes to formulas? And, the program even provides you with on-the-spot error checking (the subject of the next task) to help ensure that your formulas are calculating properly.

Type a formula

  1. Click the cell in which you want to enter the formula.

  2. Type an equal sign (=).

  3. Type the name of the function, followed by a left parenthesis character.

  4. Type the cell addresses that you want to include in the formula.

    You can also click the cells or range on the worksheet that you want to include in the formula and Excel will add it for you.

  5. Type a right parenthesis character and press the Enter key or tap outside the cell.