Analyzing Your Excel 2013 Data

  • 2/15/2013

Viewing data instantly with Quick Analysis

Quick Analysis is a new feature in Excel 2013 with which you can apply different analysis tools to the data you’ve selected on your worksheet. It’s easy to use and can show you at a glance what trends are appearing in the information you’re gathering.

Apply Quick Analysis

  1. In an open Excel workbook, drag to select the cell range that you want to analyze.

    The Quick Analysis tool appears just below and to the right of the range you selected.

  2. Click the Quick Analysis tool.

    A palette of tools appears, showing you different options for analyzing the selected data. You can choose to apply conditional formatting tools, display the data as a chart, use Total functions, display the data in tables, or add sparklines to show data trends.

  3. Click the desired category.

  4. Click the analysis tool that you want to apply.