Configuring Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010: Service Applications and the Managed Metadata Service

  • 9/21/2011

Chapter Summary

  • Many important services are provided using a model in which the service instance, running on one or more servers, is abstracted by a logical component called a service application. Service applications can be used by one or more web applications. When a web application requests a service from the service application, the request is fulfilled by one of the service instances.

  • Each service application has an application connection, or proxy. The connection defines the communication between a web application and a service application.

  • Application connections are collected in an application connection group, or proxy group, that allows a web application to connect to multiple services. A web application can connect to an application connection group or to individual service application connections.

  • Some service applications can be shared across farms.

  • The Managed Metadata Service is a service application that provides support for taxonomy, folksonomy, and content type syndication.