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Customizing a pivot table

  • By Bill JelenJan 10, 2022
  • Although pivot tables provide an extremely fast way to summarize data, sometimes the pivot table defaults are not exactly what you need. In this sample chapter from Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Data Crunching (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365), you will learn how to make common cosmetic or report layout changes, add or remove subtotals, and change summary calculations.


The INDEX function

  • By Wayne WinstonDec 20, 2021
  • The INDEX function makes it easy to reference an entire row or column of an array. In this sample chapter from Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365), 7th Edition, you will learn how to use the INDEX function to compute the distance between two cities.


Manage user identity and roles

  • By Orin ThomasDec 15, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services, 2nd Edition, learn how to plan identity synchronization with Azure AD Connect, how to manage that synchronization, how to manage Azure AD identities, and how to manage Azure AD user roles.


Microsoft Identity and Access Management Solutions


Manage policies and profiles

  • By Andrew Bettany, Andrew WarrenNov 29, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref MD-101 Managing Modern Desktops, 2nd Edition, you will learn how to use traditional user profile management and how Azure Active Directory enables users to roam their Windows settings from any device, even when working remotely.


Understand Azure data solutions

  • By Danilo Dominici, Francesco Milano, Daniel A. SearaOct 11, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Microsoft Azure Data Solutions - An Introduction, you will review types of data—structured, semi-structured, and unstructured—and their required type of storage.


Manage devices and data

  • By Andrew Bettany, Andrew WarrenSep 23, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref MD-100 Windows 10, 2nd Edition, learn how to manage local users, local groups, and devices, configure devices by using local policies, and manage Windows security.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

  • By Rob MilesSep 10, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Begin to Code with JavaScript, you will explore the HTML standard and learn how to link JavaScript to elements on a web page.


Implement and manage storage


Design identity and security

  • By Ashish Agrawal, Avinash Bhavsar, MJ Parker, Gurvinder SinghAug 6, 2021
  • The challenge of migrating to a cloud-centered architecture forces us to think of new ways to protect data, resources, and services. In this sample chapter from Exam Ref AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design, you will learn how to design authentication, authorization, and security for applications.


Introduction to microservices

  • By Arvind Chandaka, Ovais Mehboob Ahmed KhanJul 26, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Developing Microservices Architecture on Microsoft Azure with Open Source Technologies, you will review the core fundamentals of microservices, including the transition from historical architecture to present, benefits and challenges, and a comparison of a monolithic application architecture with microservices architecture.


Secure Azure Network architectures

  • By Nicholas DiCola, Anthony RomanJun 7, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Microsoft Azure Network Security, you will review the best practices of general network architecture, various types of network architectures in Azure, and how network security services can be layered to protect these architectures.


Describe how to work with relational data on Azure

  • By Francesco Milano, Daniel A. SearaMay 30, 2021
  • Relational data storage is described as storing information based on a predefined structure of the information. In this sample chapter from Exam Ref DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals, you will learn how to identify the right data offering for a relational workload, describe relational data structures, and more.


Introduction to Azure Security Center

  • By Yuri Diogenes, Tom JanetscheckMay 30, 2021
  • Azure Security Center gives organizations complete visibility and control over the security of hybrid cloud workloads. In this sample chapter from Microsoft Azure Security Center, 3rd Edition, you will explore key considerations for adoption and how to onboard resources.


Model the data

  • By Daniil MaslyukApr 21, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref DA-100 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI, you will review skills to design, develop, and optimize data models, and how you can use DAX to enhance data models.


Develop for Azure storage

  • By Santiago Fernandez MunozMar 6, 2021
  • Microsoft Azure offers different storage solutions in the cloud to satisfy your application storage requirements. Azure offers solutions for making your storage cost-effective and minimizing latency. In this sample chapter from Exam Ref AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, learn how to develop solutions using Cosmos DB and Blob storage.


Implement platform protection

  • By Yuri Diogenes, Orin ThomasMar 6, 2021
  • Azure has native platform security capabilities and services that should be leveraged to provide the necessary level of security for your IaaS and PaaS workloads while maintaining a secure management layer. In this sample chapter from Exam Ref AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies, learn how to implement advanced network security and configure advanced security for compute.


Using Windows 10

  • By Ed Bott, Craig StinsonMar 6, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Windows 10 Inside Out, 4th Edition, explore the basics of Windows 10 user interface. Learn all of the things that you need to tap, click, drag, and drop to make Windows what you want it to do.


Azure Boards

  • By Richard HundhausenFeb 17, 2021
  • The look and feel of Azure Boards is partially driven by the process that a team selects when they create the project. In this sample chapter from Professional Scrum Development with Azure DevOps, you will explore the various processes that can be selected, focusing on the Scrum process, and learn how to create an inherited process to customize Azure Boards’ behavior.


Identify the core components of Power Platform

  • By Craig ZackerFeb 16, 2021
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals, you will learn how to describe the Common Data Service database, data connectors, and the AI Builder automation and intelligence engine.

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