Andrea Allievi

Andrea Allievi (Greater Seattle, WA Area) is a Senior Kernel Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the field. He works in the Windows Core OS team at Microsoft, where he designs and develops robust Windows kernel Security features. He is also active in the security research community and often speaks at conferences, including Recon and Blue Hat. He started as a Security Researcher in small Italian companies such as TgSoft and SaferBytes. He then moved to the Talos group at Cisco Systems, where his time was split between the development of anti-virus and anti-rootkit tools and security research of offensive and defensive technologies, particularly in the Windows' kernel. In that time, after the design of the first UEFI Bootkit and the bypass of the Windows 8.1 Kernel Patch Protection, he became an internationally recognized expert in the operating system's internals.

Alex Ionescu (Greater Seattle, WA Area) is a Senior Vice President of Endpoint Security at CrowdStrike, and an internationally recognized expert in low-level system software, operating system research and kernel development, security training, and reverse engineering. He teaches Windows Internals courses around the world and is active in the security research community through conference talks and bug bounty programs.

Mark E. Russinovich (Seattle, WA Area) is a Technical Fellow in the Windows Azure Group at Microsoft, focusing on the Microsoft Cloud. He is a widely recognized expert in operating systems, distributed systems, and cybersecurity. Russinovich is co-author of the popular Windows Internals series of books and Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference. He joined Microsoft when it acquired Winternals, a software company he co-founded in 1996. He created the popular Sysinternals tools.

David A. Solomon (Los Angeles, CA Area), coauthor of the Windows Internals book series, has taught Windows internals to thousands of developers and IT professionals worldwide, including Microsoft staff. He is a regular speaker at Microsoft conferences, including TechNet and PDC.