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Mapping Problems and Algorithms with Machine Learning

  • By Dino Esposito, Francesco EspositoFeb 2, 2020
  • In this excerpt from Introducing Machine Learning, Dino and Francesco Esposito identify the classes of problems that machine learning can realistically address and the algorithms known to be appropriate for each class. They also introduce an automated machine learning approach that can automate the selection of the best machine learning pipeline for a given problem and a given dataset.

Implement workloads and security

  • By Mike Pfeiffer, Derek Schauland, Nicole Stevens, Timothy L. WarnerNov 20, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref AZ-300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies, the authors help you understand how you can bring your existing workloads to Azure by allowing the use of some familiar resources (IaaS Virtual Machines) and others that may be new (serverless computing) to your environment. In addition, the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is covered here to ensure your cloud environment is as secure as possible.


Develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solution

  • By Santiago Fernández MuñozNov 12, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, author Santiago Fernández Muñoz reviews how to work with the options that Azure makes available to you for developing your solutions based on the Infrastructure as a Service model.


SQL Windowing

  • By Itzik Ben-GanNov 4, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from T-SQL Window Functions: For data analysis and beyond, 2nd Edition, author Itzik Ben-Gan provides extensive coverage of window functions, their optimization, and querying solutions implementing them. This chapter starts by explaining the concept, and it provides a background of window functions, a glimpse of solutions using windows functions, coverage of the elements involved in window specifications, an account of the query elements supporting window functions, and a description of the standard’s solution for reusing window definitions.


The threat landscape

  • By Yuri Diogenes, Tom ShinderOct 5, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Microsoft Azure Security Center, 2nd Edition, authors Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder discuss cybercrime, the motivation of hackers, and how you can detect and prevent attacks.


Deploy and Update Operating Systems

  • By Andrew Bettany, Andrew WarrenAug 13, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref MD-101 Managing Modern Desktops, authors Bettany and Warren help you learn to plan and implement Windows 10 using dynamic deployment and Windows Autopilot.


Introduction: This book is for you…

  • By John McCabe, Ward RalstonAug 13, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Modernizing the Datacenter with Windows Server and Hybrid Cloud, authors McCabe and Ralston help you embrace change as an IT professional. This book talks about various concepts and ideologies, all of which are designed to help you build a toolkit of thought. This is a reference book to help you structure your approach by giving you scenarios to see where you can attach to and implement or iterate on what makes sense for the positions you are in.


Design and implement Microsoft 365 services

  • By Orin ThomasJul 23, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services, author Orin Thomas teaches the skills of how to manage domains, plan a Microsoft 365 implementation, set up Microsoft 365 tenancy and subscription, manage Microsoft 365 subscription and tenant health, and plan migration of users and data.


Introducing DAX

  • By Alberto Ferrari, Marco RussoJul 20, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from The Definitive Guide to DAX, authors Russo and Ferrari start talking about the DAX language. Here you learn the syntax of the language, the difference between a calculated column and a measure (also called calculated field, in certain old Excel versions), and the most commonly used functions in DAX.


Deploy Windows

  • By Andrew Bettany, Andrew WarrenJul 9, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref MD-100 Windows 10, authors Andrew Bettany and Andrew Warren explain how to deploy Windows 10 and how to perform post-installation configuration. The MD-100 Windows 10 exam focuses on how to install Windows 10 efficiently and with the least amount of administrative effort.


Understand cloud concepts

  • By Jim CheshireJun 21, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, author Jim Cheshire covers the benefits of using the cloud, the different cloud services that are available, and cloud models that enable a variety of cloud configurations.


Implement modern device services

  • By Robert Clements, Brian SvidergolJun 14, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Exam Ref MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security, we are working with cloud-based services within Microsoft 365 that are designed to deploy, secure, and manage devices in the enterprise. Throughout this book we will be working with various Microsoft technologies such as Azure, Microsoft Intune, Office 365, and System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr). Along the way there will be several walkthroughs and examples that illustrate how to manage these tools. For these demonstrations we do recommend that you follow along in your own lab.


Start a new plan

  • By Cindy M. Lewis, Carl Chatfield, Timothy JohnsonMay 25, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Microsoft Project 2019 Step by Step, you'll learn to create a new plan using Project A project’s schedule or plan is essentially a model that you construct for some project aspects that you are anticipating—what you expect will happen, or what you want to happen. This model focuses on certain key aspects of a project, such as tasks, resources, time frames, and possible associated costs.


The INDEX function

  • By Wayne WinstonApr 15, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Microsoft Excel 2019 Data Analysis and Business Modeling, 6th Edition, author Wayne Winston covers the INDEX function. The INDEX function allows you to return the entry in any row and column within an array of numbers.


Unleashing the power of Excel with VBA

  • By Bill Jelen, Tracy SyrstadApr 10, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Microsoft Excel 2019 VBA and Macros, learn why Visual Basic for Applications (VBA ) combined with Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools available to you.


Perform calculations on data

  • By Curtis FryeApr 9, 2019
  • In this chapter form Microsoft Excel 2019 Step by Step, author Curtis Frye guides you through procedures related to streamlining references to groups of data on your worksheets and creating and correcting formulas that summarize an organization’s business operations.


Using Windows 10

  • By Ed Bott, Craig StinsonApr 9, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Windows 10 Inside Out, 3rd Edition, explore the Windows 10 interface and learn how to customize your taskbar and Action Center, switch between virtual desktops, manage and arrange windows, use Windows 10 on a touchscreen device, and more.


Basic Data Preparation Challenges

  • By Gil RavivApr 8, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Collect, Combine, and Transform Data Using Power Query in Excel and Power BI, author Gil Raiv introduces a variety of techniques in the Power Query Editor in Excel and Power BI for cleaning badly formatted datasets.


Grouping, sorting, and filtering pivot data

  • By Michael Alexander, Bill JelenApr 7, 2019
  • In this sample chapter from Microsoft Excel 2019 Pivot Table Data Crunching, you will review the PivotTable Fields list and then learn how to how to group, sort, and filter data.

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