Jonathan Trull

Yuri Diogenes, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft C+AI Security CxE Team with focus on Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel. Also a Professor at EC-Council University’s MS and BS-level Cybersecurity programs. He holds an MS in Cybersecurity Intelligence & Forensics from Utica College.


Nicolas DiCola, an IT Security Jedi, is a Principal PM Manager at Microsoft C+AI Security CxE Team. He works on Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, and Azure Network Security.  He is also a 20 year Reservist in the US Marine Corps working on Cyber Security.


Jonathan Trull, a longtime security practitioner and CISO, is Microsoft’s Global Director of Cybersecurity Solution Strategy for the Cybersecurity Solutions Group.  In addition to his work at Microsoft, he serves as an advisor to several security startups and venture capital firms and supports the broader security community through his work with the Cloud Security Alliance, Center for Internet Security, and IANS.