Developer Reference

Core topics and essential techniques for professional developers.

Designed for experienced professional developers, books in the Developer Reference series come in various flavors:

Some books present a detailed view of a given Microsoft product, language, or technology in relation to the development life cycle.

Other books focus on the architecture of a given Microsoft product, language, or technology. They concentrate on how the product, language, or technology is put together and how it works internally, rather than give a general overview or describe ways in which a professional developer can use it in a specific environment. Sometimes these books also offer technical insight into why the product, language, or technology was designed and built the way it was and examine what repercussions the architecture has for developers.

Also in the series are specialist offerings designed for advanced (already expert) readers. They address questions of how to use given Microsoft products, languages, or technologies to solve particular problems. These books assume a professional programmer's understanding of the subject matter and focus primarily on specific technical challenges faced by people developing advanced, complex, or large-scale solutions.

In all books in the series, appropriate programming languages are used to write downloadable sample code that illustrates the examples.