Plan for Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online

  • 4/6/2018

Thought experiment answers

This section contains the solutions to the thought experiment.

  1. Edit the default spam filter policy and alter the Spam action to Quarantine message.

  2. Edit the international spam settings of the default spam filter policy and specify the Esperanto language and the New Zealand country or region.

  3. Use the Release-QuarantineMessage cmdlet with the ReleaseToAll parameter to release a message currently in quarantine to all recipients.

  4. The first step in an IMAP migration is to create user accounts in Office 365 that correspond to the on-premises IMAP accounts that must be migrated.

  5. Once synchronization is successful and periodic synchronization is proceeding without problem, the administrator should update MX records to point to Exchange Online.

  6. The tenant administrator should delete the IMAP migration batches after mail flow is occurring successfully to Exchange Online and not the on-premises IMAP messaging system.

  7. A user must be a member of the Discovery Management Exchange Administrator role to be able to configure a query-based in-place hold.

  8. When an in-place hold or litigation hold is applied on a mailbox, the archive mailbox quota is increased from 30 GB to 100 GB.

  9. You would use the Set-CsTenantFederationConfiguration –AllowPublicUsers $False command to disable public IM connectivity.

  10. You would use the Set-CsPushNotificationConfiguration –EnableApplePushNotificationService $False command to disable the Apple Push Notification Service.

  11. You use the Set-CsTenantFederationConfiguration -BlockedDomains $Null command to remove all domains from the blocked domains list.