Implement Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

  • 1/22/2018

Chapter summary

In this chapter we dove deep into the inner workings of how VMM deploys virtual machines and how to customize these processes to manage your Software-Defined Datacenter.

  • Virtual Machine Manager provides hardware, guest operating system, capability, SQL Server, and application profiles to help automate deployments in your datacenter. It is essential to have hands on experience with these profiles and how to implement them.

  • You can use VMM to not only deploy Windows Server virtual machines, you are also able to create Windows Nano server container templates, and Linux templates to enable a wide range of workloads managed in your Software-Defined Datacenter.

  • Service templates enable complex applications to be deployed and managed through automation.

  • Service templates can be leveraged to reduce the ongoing maintenance of multi-tiered applications, by automating the deployment of the application, operating system components.

  • Service templates provide a vehicle for upgrading or scaling the components through automation.