Create charts and objects

  • 7/6/2017

Objective 5.2 practice tasks

The practice files for these tasks are located in the MOSExcel2016\Objective5 practice file folder. The folder also contains a result file that you can use to check your work.

  • Open the Excel_5-2 workbook, display the Sales worksheet, and do the following:

    • Change the pie chart to a 3-D Clustered Column chart.

    • Apply Layout 1, Style 7 to the chart.

    • Apply the Subtle Effect – Olive Green, Accent 3 shape style.

    • Increase the size of the chart until it occupies cells A1:L23.

    • Move the chart to a new chart sheet named Sales Chart.

  • On the Seattle worksheet, do the following:

    • Add the title Air Quality Index Report to the chart.

    • Add data labels that show the percentage of the whole that is represented by each data marker.

  • Save the Excel_5-2 workbook.

  • Open the Excel_5-2_results workbook. Compare the two workbooks to check your work.

  • Close the open workbooks.