Jeevan Bisht

RAZI RAIS has over two decades of experience designing and developing highly scalable and secure enterprise software and cloud services. He has been working at Microsoft for over ten years, serving in various roles such as software engineer, architect, and product manager. His current focus at Microsoft is on helping businesses strengthen their cybersecurity posture by protecting workloads at scale against the most sophisticated cyberattacks. Razi is also the lead author of several books, including Zero Trust Networks, 2nd Edition by OReilly Media and Programming Microsofts Clouds: Windows Azure and Office 365 by Wrox Press. He is also a member of the IEEE Computer Society, ACM, SANS advisory board, as well as a frequent speaker at international conferences and an instructor who provides security-related training all over the world. You can get in touch with him via LinkedIn at or through his website, His GitHub profile is

ILYA LUSHNIKOV is a Senior Product Manager in the Identity and Network Access division at Microsoft, where he works on new Azure AD features. Ilya has been working for Microsoft since 2010 in various positions, including six years as a Premier Field Engineer. He delivered Identity workshops, deployment projects, risk assessments, and health checks for customers in 10 countries and 25 U.S. states. Before joining Microsoft, he was a systems administrator for various companies.

JEEVAN BISHT has a Master of Science degree in computer science and is Principal PM Manager in the Microsoft Identity and Network Access division, where he leads a team of deep technical experts around the world to help enterprise customers plan and deploy their hybrid cloud identity strategies. Jeevan has been working for Microsoft since 2005 in different positions including being a senior support escalation engineer in CSS, Microsoft Consulting, helping design and implement some of the largest implementations on Identity and Management solutions across industry verticals. He has been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 1999 among other industry certifications from Cisco, Sun, and others, and has delivered training on various platforms. He has also been featured in conferences like Microsoft Ready, TechMentor, Identiverse, and many others. He is open to helping professionals grow: jeevan-bisht-a2a2634b/.

PADMA CHILAKAPATI is a Senior Product Manager in the Microsoft Identity and Network Access division. She acts as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 enterprises in the Identity and Security space. She held multiple positions as an engineer and later program manager. She delivered Identity workshops and has spoken about Azure AD features and security recommendations at various conferences.

VINAYAK SHENOY is a Senior Product Manager focused on Microsoft Identity Security. As an engineer and later as product manager, he has more than a decade of experience across Identity/ Access Management, wired/wireless networking, security, SDN, and datacenter/cloud provisioning.