Create and manage documents

Key points

  • You can create simple and complex Word documents by starting with a template.

  • You can open more than one Word document, and you can view more than one document at a time, but only one document can be active at a time.

  • You can move the cursor by clicking or tapping in the text or by pressing keys and keyboard shortcuts.

  • Information about a Word document is saved with the document as file properties that are available from the Info page of the Backstage view and from the document’s Properties dialog. Some properties are created and managed by Word, and others are customizable.

  • Word 365 documents use the.docx file format. When you save a Word document, you specify its location on the Save As page of the Backstage view, and its name and file format in the Save As dialog. You can save a Word document as a different file type if necessary.

  • You can display a variety of views of documents, depending on your needs as you create the document and the purpose for which you are creating it.