Manage Windows Servers and workloads in a hybrid environment

Thought experiment

In this thought experiment, demonstrate your skills and knowledge of the topics covered in this chapter. You can find answers to this thought experiment in the next section.

You are one of the hybrid administrators at Tailwind Traders. You have a variety of challenges you need to resolve related to Windows Server management. Specifically:

  • You want to enroll 500 servers across several remote datacenters into Azure Arc using an onboarding script.

  • You want to allow Sonia to manage the DNS server service on the domain controllers in the root domain from PowerShell without providing her with the ability to perform any other tasks using PowerShell on those systems.

  • You want to allow Rick to connect using PowerShell to an administrative jump server and then to be able to use his credentials to run PowerShell scripts hosted on the jump server against a set of 10 remote servers.

With these requirements in mind, answer the following questions:

  1. What type of Azure AD account should you create and what role should you delegate this account to onboard the 500 servers?

  2. How can you provide Sonia with the appropriate restricted PowerShell access to the domain controllers in the root domain?

  3. How can you ensure that Rick is able to run scripts against remote servers from the jump servers?