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Chapter Retrospective

Here are the key concepts I covered in this chapter:

  • Process When creating a project, you will need to select a process. Microsoft provides several out-of-the-box processes, referred to as system processes.

  • Scrum process A Scrum-centric process created through a collaboration of Microsoft and the Professional Scrum community.

  • Work item types Although there are more than a dozen Azure DevOps work item types, including a number of hidden ones, the ones that apply to planning and managing work are Product Backlog Item, Bug, Epic, Feature, Task, and Impediment. Task and Test Case work items should be created and linked only during the Sprint in which you are working on their parent PBIs.

  • Queries There are a number of queries that a Scrum Team could create and share to track and manage the work in the Scrum development effort.

  • Scrum Guide drift Over the years, the Scrum Guide has evolved while the Scrum process has not. This issue can be overcome by creating and customizing an inherited process.

  • Inherited process A child of one of the system processes that can be customized in a structured way, inherited processes can be used to create new projects as well as applied to existing projects. Future changes to the inherited process are instantly visible in all the projects that use that process.