The INDEX function


  1. Use the INDEX function to compute the distance between Los Angeles and Phoenix and the distance between Denver and Miami.

  2. Use the INDEX function to compute the total distance from Dallas to the other seven cities listed in Figure 4-1.

  3. Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are embarking on a road trip that takes them to Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Seattle. How many miles will they travel on this road trip?

  4. The file named Product.xlsx contains monthly sales for six products. Use the INDEX function to compute the sales of Product 2 in March. Use the INDEX function to compute total sales during April.

  5. The file named NBAdistances.xlsx shows the distance between any pair of NBA arenas. Suppose you begin in Atlanta, visit the arenas in the order listed, and then return to Atlanta. How far would you travel?

  6. Use the INDEX function to solve Problem 10 of Chapter 3, “Lookup functions.” Here is the problem again: The file Employees.xlsx contains the ranking that each of 35 workers has given (on a 0–10 scale) to three jobs. The file also gives the job to which each worker is assigned. Use a formula to compute each worker’s ranking for the job to which the worker is assigned.