Configure networking

  • 7/5/2018

Chapter summary

  • After you connect to a network, your computer is given a unique IP address on that network segment. Every host connected to a network must have an IP address. You can use several troubleshooting tools to diagnose connection problems, if necessary.

  • Name resolution enables network nodes to use friendly names to identify each other on the network rather than just an IP address.

  • A network location determines the different types of network traffic that are enabled for a network adapter.

  • There are several ways to connect to a wireless network including using Control Panel and the Network icon in the desktop’s taskbar.

  • There is a default priority for networks to which the user has previously connected: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and mobile broadband. When there are two or more wireless connections available, Windows defaults to the last one used. You can manage networks by using the Settings app or the Netsh command.

  • Each network adapter has options available for configuration. You can access these by right-clicking the network adapter in Network Connections and selecting an option from the shortcut menu.

  • Location-aware printing lets users configure a default printer for each network they connect to.

  • In Windows Firewall you can view the settings for private and public networks and make basic changes to the settings there. You can also disable the firewall there.

  • In Windows Firewall, apps are either allowed through the firewall or not. You can create exceptions to configure specific apps to be able to get through the firewall.

  • Windows Firewall with Advanced Security offers many more options for administrators, including configuring their own inbound, outbound, and connection security rules, configuring authenticated exceptions, and making changes to existing firewall settings.

  • You can make changes to how Network Discovery is configured for the available public and private profiles using the Advanced Sharing Settings in the Network And Sharing Center.