The 5 Principles and 10 Building Blocks of Persuasive Visual Storytelling

Principle 3: Start with No to Get to Yes

Once you’re crafting your message to lead to a yes-no decision, you’ll dramatically increase your persuasiveness by starting your planning process by imagining your audience saying the dreaded word—no—to your request or proposal. When you imagine them saying that, and why they would say it, you truly get into their shoes, and with that perspective, you build your presentation to effectively counter their objections and your clear a persuasive pathway to your audience saying yes.

As you go through this process in the next chapter, you’ll make your presentation very relevant and personal to your audience. You’ll take into account what they already know so you don’t waste their time, and you’ll realistically address where they are in the decision-making process, so you lower the bar to getting to a yes decision.