Design and implement Azure PaaS compute and web and mobile services

  • 4/7/2018

Chapter summary

  • Azure App Services provide a simple PaaS solution for deploying, managing, and scaling web applications, APIs, API Apps, Logic Apps, and Mobile Apps.

  • API Apps and API Management both provide ways to publish APIs for partner integration. API Management provides richer features for partner management, licensing, throttling, security, and related management tools.

  • Logic Apps provide an easy way to create workflows, modern integrations, and even legacy integration with EDI formats.

  • Azure Functions provide an easy way to trigger workloads that can scale based on consumption or a hosting plan. There are many integration points for triggering functions including queues, HTTP requests, and data triggers.

  • Azure Service Fabric is a modern orchestration platform that can support native services that leverage unique features such as stateful services and actor patterns, in addition to guest and container processes.

  • Azure supports several third-party PaaS platforms for containers and microservices including Cloud Foundry and OpenShift.

  • You have many choices for DevOps and CI/CD workflows in Azure including Application Insights for diagnostics, monitoring and alerts; and VSTS, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet and more for CI/CD integration.