Create charts and objects

  • 7/6/2017

Objective 5.3 practice tasks

The practice file for these tasks is located in the MOSExcel2016\Objective5 practice file folder. The folder also contains a result file that you can use to check your work.

  • Open the Excel_5-3a workbook, display the Summary sheet, and do the following:

    • Insert the Excel_5-3b logo in the upper-left corner of the sheet.

    • Insert a text box on the sheet. Configure the text box to be three inches wide and three inches high, and align it below the heading “Our Prediction.”

    • Insert the content of the Excel_5-3c text file into the text box. Format the text in 20-point orange Candara font, and center it in the text box.

    • Add alternative text to the logo, using the title Company logo and the description Cartoon image of a person wearing an airplane costume.

  • Save the Excel_5-3a workbook.

  • Open the Excel_5-3_results workbook. Compare the two workbooks to check your work.

  • Close the open workbooks.