Manage schedules

  • 1/30/2017

Objective 3.3 practice tasks

Use the MOS Budget Meeting and MOS Status Meeting calendar items that you created in the Objective 3.2 practice tasks as practice files for these tasks. Before you begin, alert your two colleagues that you are going to practice updating and canceling meetings.

  • Do the following for the MOS Lunch with Jane appointment:

    • Set a reminder to appear at 9:30 A.M. on the day of the appointment.

  • Do the following for the MOS Budget Meeting:

    • Reschedule the meeting to the week after next.

    • Indicate that the meeting is high priority.

    • Send the updated meeting request.

  • Ask a colleague to send you a meeting request for a meeting with the subject MOS Project Meeting. When the meeting request arrives, do the following:

    • Tentatively accept the meeting and propose that the meeting be held at the same time on the following day.

    • Forward the meeting from your calendar to your other colleague.

    • From the meeting window, create a shared notes page for the meeting in OneNote.

  • Do the following for the MOS Status Meeting:

    • Add a second colleague as an optional attendee.

    • Send the updated meeting request to only the new attendee.

  • Cancel the MOS Budget Meeting meetings and send cancellation notices to the attendees.