Apply transitions and animations

  • 1/9/2017

Objective 4.2 practice tasks

The practice file for these tasks is located in the MOSPowerPoint2016\Objective4 practice file folder. The folder also contains a result file that you can use to check your work.

  • Open the PowerPoint_4-2 presentation, display slide 1 and do the following:

    • Select the slide title and apply the Fly In entrance animation.

    • Configure the Fly In effect options to enter from the left side of the slide.

    • Set the animation duration to 1.00 second.

    • Enhance the effect by applying the Whoosh sound effect.

  • Display slide 2 and do the following:

    • Select the slide title and apply the Fade entrance animation.

    • Select the bulleted list and apply the Pulse emphasis animation.

    • Configure the Pulse effect options to emphasize each bulleted list item individually and to change the color of the list item to Green after animating it.

    • Use the Animation Painter to copy the animations from slide 2 to the corresponding elements on slide 3.

  • Display slide 4 and apply the following animations in order:

    • Apply the Teeter emphasis animation to the butterfly.

    • Apply the Spin emphasis animation to the bumblebee.

    • Configure a Custom Path motion path animation that causes the ladybug to walk on a curved path from its starting position to the center of the content area.

    • Apply the Shrink & Turn exit animation to the mouse.

    • Apply the Swivel exit animation to the frog.

  • Display the presentation in Slide Show view to review the results.

  • Save the PowerPoint_4-2 presentation.

  • Open the PowerPoint_4-2_results presentation. Compare the two presentations to check your work. Then close the open presentations.